Wednesday, 29 June 2016

How to Force People Engage with Your Content More

I know, I know, I went through the same,

You started blogging, wrote many posts, at least 5-10, still kept the light of your interest bright, didn’t lose much patience but however, you are not getting what you need from your blog. And that is traffic.

Why is it? I think your blog Is it not informative?

Ans: no its very much informative, I research very well before writing my every blog posts, that’s not the problem.

Okay, umm do you write your posts in woompah-loompah language?

Ans: No, I wrote in English of course. For better results, I used Oxford dictionary.

What? Okay-okay I got it, however, your post is informative as you said earlier, but I think it’s not enough to satisfy your readers need, am I right? 

Ans: Wrong again. My posts are very informative and lengthy, about 10 pages each and covered all the points (necessary plus unnecessary) there is.

Okay, what your blog posts are all about?

Ans: How to overcome blogging problems.

Oh, GOD!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, before you write your next post, which will be a big hit, you need to remember some points, 

1.  first things first, research is important, being informative is also important but writing a post, lengthy as hell, will kill your reader’s attention within a second; Why?

Because no one likes to read a whole bunch of words just to solve a simple problem. 

Be short and simple, if a problem is simple than your content needs to be more simple and if the question in complex than you should make your content simple. You are here to solve their problems not confusing them more.

Reader’s Mind: Don’t make things more complicated when it’s enough at its first place.

2.   Now the second thing, your readers are your friends, not your office boss, so treat them that way, use friendly language rather than official and hard. You don’t need to find synonyms of a word to turn your sentence more enrich, it will just drive above your reader’s head like math’s, its dearer when its plain. simple tongue grips more attention and engage people more. 

“The finest language is mostly made up of simple unimposing words” - George Eliot    

3.  The third thing is the structure of you posts. A big wall of texts is just a support for readers to banging their heads and will make them more confuse. No one wants to see or certainly read a continuous block of texts without a gap to break their breath. Its unpromising and boring. Dividing your posts into several paragraphs, it will craft your content more promisingly and gives an illusion of short and simplicity

4.  The fourth thing is letter design, everyone likes a clean design, and using big and clear fonts gives the delusion of a premium content although if you are writing a piece of junk with no meaning whatsoever. it will hold the eye of your readers and force them to read your content, well at least first line, next is depend on your pen.


Don't know where your kids are in the house? Turn off the internet and they'll show up quickly.
Don't know where your kids are in the house? Turn off the internet and they'll show up quickly.

5.  Fifth one is creating curiosity. For blogging, platform curiosity is the mother of traffic. If you can create curiosity into your reader's mind they will certainly check your content to find the answer. The answer to their curiosity will be your blog's content and the title will be the curiosity creator.  

“Tomorrow while searching the net I found something that will flow your mind

Observe the title above, it creates a curiosity and will force you to read more. And that will bring your visitors to your blog. So create a title that will attract your reader, create a question in their mind, and force then to find its answer by reading your content.

Remember one thing curiosity is the reason you started a blog, and curiosity will be the reason to make your blog a success.

6.   Images and graphics work as ornaments for your blog, it will make your posts noticeable and most likely people will remember it. I personally don’t like to read a book without images. If you care about your reader then don’t use images in your posts that will make your visitors sleepy which they read your post, and it’s good for their health, thank you.

And if you want to make your blog popular than forgot health and put some pics and graphics to your naked posts.  

Bottom line:

Content is impotent, but creating it visually appealing is impotent as well. So click the edit button of your post and create your magic, Happy and beautiful blogging!


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