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How Bloggers Destroy 80% of Their Blog Using Blackhat SEO

If you are the new blogger and just launched your new blog, inspired from other great Blogging Titans, then you are most probably going through the same phase, every new blogger passed and that is a lack of visitors.

The blogging world is quite a lonely place without readers and proper audiences, they are the heart of your business and also the motivation to go beyond. But if you’re not receiving the result you imagined, then there must be three causes happening.

First, your blog is too new to be at the top of the Google search page. Second, you’re not patience, and the third and the most important is your blog is not properly search engine optimized,

Search Engine Optimization is a Technique, not a Trick

Someone says (I don’t know who) “Don’t say what to do, say what not to do.”

Search engine optimization is a practice, where you enhance your blog in a way, to get more disclosure and a good position in Google search results. Probably on the first page to acquire a significant increment of visitors.

But here comes the tangle, Search engine optimization have its set of rules which are highly maintained, and violation of those standards in any circumstances is not excusable at all. It will just leave your blog, with other thousands of futile blogs which are nearly dead in the search.

In the system of Search Engine Optimization, there are two types of them exist, White hat SEO where the relation between you and Google will be active, and the other one is Black Hat SEO, where the relation is like cats and dogs. If you caught by Google, while you’re practicing black hat SEO methods, you would cast out far-off, from search results, without delay.

Now, what is Black Hat SEO?

Black hat SEO is just the inverse method of White hat SEO. White hat SEO techniques include building quality backlinks, producing original articles, social media promotions, keywords and much more. These are quite an extensive process but legitimate ones.

And on the other side, Black hat tricks consist of aggressive Search Engine Optimization shortcuts, which doesn’t obey the rules and guidelines at all. And not to mention the quickest one. Practicing them can lead your blog to get suspended.

There are several black hat SEO techniques exist; some are old, and some are new, below are some most popular ones which worth its category for sure.

Faking post Freshness:

"Dont expect anything original from an echo"

Now this one is the most applied trick in Blackhat list, and still in the top trend. Simple strategy, when you don’t know the answer, copy from others. It is the oldest method and also the most “found by Google” way as well.

What they do is, with the temptation of overnight success, they just copy other well-known blogger’s content and post them on their blog. And supposed to get the same results from where they copied from, the same amount of visitors, hundreds of comments, thousands of shares and of course making some good amount of cash.

But the funny matter is, Google will not hammer your site, nor ban it, for posting duplicate contents. There is no policy present in Google. In this case, what happens is, posting continues duplicate content on your blog, will cast a negative message that there is no presence of uniqueness on your site and that alert will downgrade your site rapidly on the search results, from the first page to the very end.

Plagiarism will not rescind your blog; rather it will rescind your distinct identity on the web.

Learn more from Google Itself

Worthless INBOUND Links:

“It’s better to have one right, then thousand wrong.”

Inbound links, also known as backlinks, are links pointing towards your website from other sites. Backlinks are essential to rank higher in search engine optimization; it shows Google that you are trusted by others reliable sources, and that will indeed upgrade your site’s value rapidly.

However, people often misunderstand the way the backlink system works. What they assumed is, if they build hundreds of backlinks doesn’t matter from which site they are coming from, will help them to rank better in the Google search. And with this believe they use auto ping service to build backlinks. But those backlinks nearly have no value at all, making thousands of backlinks that are coming from almost valueless sites, are as bad as building no backlinks.

Using Automatic backlink generators will wipe out Google’s trust from your site and leave a negative impression. Build quality backlinks with guest posting, blog comments, article submission, etc.

Identical comment spam:

“If you have nothing to say, just don’t say.”

As we know, commenting on other blogs is another way to get exposure and promote your site, and it’s also a way to get backlinks. Even though those backlinks are totally “no-follow” ones, but yet it still sends a good gesture to Google, about your site's authenticity, which will help your blog increase your rank.

But not always, people do it in a right way, comment spamming now is one of the most dangerous black hat SEO practice, people attempt to get backlinks.

If your blog doesn’t have comment moderation activated, then sooner or later your blog will surely be a victim of comment spammers. Too many spam comments without moderation can ban your blog. Even it can be removed without your permission. A Blog with spam comments or spam comments from a blog, both considered as junks and must block ones. 

Which type of observations considered as spam?

  1. Comments posted by a bot or Auto generated services.
  2. Time waste comments: ‘This is a fucking worthless site,' ‘I love Viagra,' “post a pic of a naked woman.”
  3.  Link packed comments: comments packed with irreverent or a huge list of links, without proper remark for the article. 
Examples of Spam Comments :

Here is the list of spam comments template by GitHub

Misleading Anchor:

This one is one of the cheapest and rule breaking way to building backlinks. Let’s say to get visitors from a comment; you need to grab their attention to your comments, but how?

Okay, let’s put an anchor like “The most impressive naked pic of a woman”, “A website that will surely help you to lose your virginity” or “How I killed myself with blackhat”.

The last one is my favorite. Anyway, these anchor texts will inevitably catch the visitor’s eyes, and use this anchor to place our links, simple, right?

Not so simple, these anchors will show people that you are trying to bluff them, these misleading anchors will lead people to flag your comment as spam, and of course you know what will happen next.

Automatic traffic generators:

"If reality is not your priority, tHen nothing is."

Well, this method mechanism is quite funny, you need visitors, right? And you are not receiving them, correct?

So you turned to automatic traffic generators. You have confidence that it will work like a charm and will bring you hundreds of visitors within minutes. So, you followed their instructions, and when the ‘done’ message appeared on the screen, you checked your visitors count panel and wow! You got 30,000 visitors within a day, well, that’s an achievement, isn’t it?

Well, of course, it’s an achievement, but not yours, it’s an achievement of that auto-generated service.

What the service did is, it just refreshed your page as many times as possible for a few minutes, that’s it. Such an easy way. It is not a black hat technique nor a violation of Google or spam. It’s just a false hope of success that you achieved, nothing else.

There are some others Blackhat techniques exists, Google listed all of them for you.

Bottom line:

Black hat techniques function indeed very fast, but it will ruin your blog’s reputation by the same speed. To accomplish success, you surely need methods, but you don’t need shortcuts. Generators generate false success, but hard work generates the real one.

S – Superiority
E – Engrossment
O – Optimization

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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