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Stop Searching for the Ways to Make Money From Blogging, Because you Can't, Till......

Let’s be straightforward,

Thousands of blogs, hundreds of websites will tell you the same thing over and over again, that earnings from blogging is not easy, its takes time, patience & effort, you should not lose hope, keep trying, it is the ultimate path for success…. bla bla bla! Lectures.

I know that, you also knows that, we all knows that, but still, we are not satisfied, still we are searching the net for different shortcut ways to earn money from blogging. Because we belive someday or sometimes, we will surely get some awesome shortcut tricks to squeeze hundreds of dollars secretly from google faster than any other blogger ever established after a hardcore effort.

Well, that’s the spirit, keep it up.

But before you carry on with your never ending journey all over again, let’s talk about some behind the scenes story. What actually happening when you are searching the net insanely for shortcut money making tricks from blogging.

The actual fact is very odd rather funny; what you are doing is, you’re actually helping others to make money from you, while you’re hunting for the dumb ways to transform the blogging platform into an ATM.

You searched the same thing in google and got lacs of results, you clicked every one of them, studied them as much as you swallow, and sometimes bookmarked them for later read, then you saw some advertisement on the sidebar of the blog which guaranteed you that you can earn $100/day easily only if you buy some of their products that will make you instant pro-blogger.

The cycle goes on, till you think you are fulfilled and you know everything about blogging. Then you start a blog, post your first content, then wait…wait. The next day you post your second content…then again wait.…wait…. And the third day you go out of ideas, and slowly lost your interest and the fourth day when you found some probable ideas you noticed you didn’t get a single visitor, those 13 page views counted by google, are all of them yours.

On the evening of your fourth day, you totally lose your interest from blogging and leave your blog unattended for rest of his life.

And after one-two months you saw a young blogger earning handsome per day, you got jealous and the cycle from the day one starts again.

Now in this session, 3 things are happening,

You are searching the net and opening random websites, reading their articles over and over again, without taking their sungle valuable advice, and as a result of your this activity, the owner of the blogs or website is making money from your visits.

You saw some advertisement or some eye-catching headlines, you clicked on them with a hope that this will surely work, and similarly as a result the website owner making money from cpc (cost per click).

Then you saw some products, if it’s costing you then it’s clear that the blogger is making some bucks from you, but if its free then still the blogger is making from you by CPD (cost per download).

So ,in above three cases you are not making a single dime but you are helping other make some bucks, well thank you for helping us. You are a good human being.

“Oh god! I am about to cry” – Money seeker.

Now I know you’re angry, now you just want to do anything to make your blog a success like others, isn’t t?

Let me tell you one thing those blogs which domed just because of your loss of interests, one of them or all of them could be a massive hit like others or better than others, the only thing what others did and you didn't is they understand the fact that a blog is like your pet, you need to give him appropriate time to develop, you must to train him to get the right result, you can’t expect a full trained- grown pet, on the fourth day after it was born. Neither there are any shortcuts that can help to grow your pet overnight. Got my point.

"Okay-okay I got it…stop it and tell me what can I do to make money fast, oh sorry! I mean what can I do to make my blog a success?" - Money seeker

Very much simple, you need to do all of those thing which you ignored every time you started a blog previously. And that is, giving proper for your blog to grow. And till then feed your blog with quality contents.

I will not throw to you some heavy words, like you need to keep clam, effort is must or keep trying, etc. rather I will show you a witty comparison to show why you need to think your blog as your beloved pet.

Bottom line:

If all of them out their making their living out of their blogs earning, if they can do, you can surely do it as well. Next time, give me the chance to visit your awesome blog.
 “Winners are not people who never fail, but people who never quit”

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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