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8 Phenomenal Chrome Extensions that will Change your Blogging Experience

Chrome is one of the most modern web browser, among the bloggers. Not only because of its awesome performance and best speed, moreover, but it also comes with some serious helpful extensions that can help you enormously for your blog’s growth.

Thousands of extensions make Chrome more compelling and a must us browser in every field, and not to mention in blogging worlds as well.

Bloggers are busy; they need to create quality contents, build SEO, create impressive headlines, maintain social media and, much more. It's quite hard to do all of these works altogether; that's why they need something to ease their job a little bit. Right?

The below list of extensions will surely aid them to some extend; these are gathered to make blogging experience easier and  a little bit  faster as well. 


Stuck on headlines?  Want to write fantastic, traffic catching headlines, quick? Then headlinr is the perfect tool for you.

Headlines are important, it's  called the crown of content, and curving a title perfectly with every word maintaining the right balance is time-consuming, and that's where Headlinr comes to the rescue, Headlinr generates high quality and catchy titles within seconds that you can use in your posts.

See this : Shapes & Idioms to Make Your Headlines a Crowd Puller

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It's a tool that will help you a lot to improve your SEO and it will also improve your overall blog to engage more people. It enhances your post by recommending images, links and as well as articles while you write. It's a great technique to engage readers more with your article and this tool do that job flawlessly.

Bitly | Unleash the power of the link

No one likes long links; it doesn’t look right, it takes much space, and mostly it makes your area clumsy. And that will create a negative image for your blog. So, to avoid that, you must visit a link shorting website and then paste your link there, then copy that link and paste in your desired location. Much work to do, right?

Bitly Chrome extension do all of this job, just a matter of second. This tool will help you to short your urls with ease, and also saves your time.


It is one of my favorite Google extension; Grammarly is one of the best proofreading tool in the world, and when it's available as a Chrome extension, it's surely worth a check. 

Grammarly is a free proofreading app that searches for grammatical errors, overall post effectiveness and makes sure your article is easy to read. It is a tool trusted by millions of users, be one of them and I guarantee, you will not be disappointed. 

Simple Image Resizer for Bloggers

Images take a huge place in the blogging world, the more you use of colorful images in your posts, the more it will attract users. But with all these benefits, it also increases your page loading time and makes your blog a turtle, and you most probably lose some good amount of readers.

So what to do?

Simple Image Resizer for Bloggers helps you to reduce the overall size of your image (not quality) which betters your SEO and decrease the page loading time.

SHINE for reddit

Reedit takes a huge role to increase your blog’s traffic; if utilized the proper way, Reddit can bring an enormous amount of visitors to your blog every month. However, Reddit isn't so appealing in terms of its interface. Most of the individuals don’t like Reddit, only because of its off key interface which makes it hard to relate to its people.

SHINE for Reddit turns Reddit interface much more modern and clean. It will change your Reddit experience. It's fast, responsive and utterly beautiful and will turn Reddit experience much more visually appealing. 


Cortex brings you the fastest and one of the most efficient way to share content with social medias. Just hold down your mouse button to anything, like photos, videos, news or your blogs content and select where you want to share. It will share your content as easily as you can think of. No need to do all of those works in a hard way. Do it in the Cortex way.

Ezoic Ad Tester

Want to earn more ad revenue?

Then this extension is perfect for you; Ezoic Ad Tester will help you to find the best areas in your blog to place your ads. You just need to choose the place in your blog where you might want your ads to display and select the size you want and click on “insert here”. It will test that place and give you the proper result.

“The combination of well-placed ads and Google AdX ads converts to increases in revenue from 60%-250%!”

If you know about some other useful chrome extensions, let me know, I will add it to this list. 

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