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Blogger's FAQ Answered: All About Making Money & Traffic

There are an enormous number of inquiries concerning blogging, hundreds of confusions and those uncertainties create more confusion on the go. Often a newbie blogger when starts a website thinks about the traffic and of course the money.

So today I accumulated some evergreen question that is patent for a fresher blogger. How about we discuss some of that query and answer them.

Let’s go,

How much can I earn from blogging?

Don’t be shy, just admit it; this question is like a national anthem. Each blogger regardless of expert, or beginner once in their blogging lifetime asked this issue, of course, myself included. I am still asking, shhh.

Now, let’s go with the question. It’s a circle of influence that passing from one person to another. Someday Someone started a blog just for the inner passion and with a motive of helping others. What's more, all of a sudden it found the individual could likewise win a decent sum from it? And within some years that one started to make a handsome amount per month from the blog.

This circumstance made an important, robust foundation, and more individuals began their website for earning money. They just remember the result and overlooked the enthusiasm and diligent work behind it. And that’s how the above question born. (I just made this story)

It's not hard to give the answer it's difficult to ascertain the answer, and nobody is fulfilled without an appropriate number, I know that. Be that as it may, I don’t have the answer, sorry.

The earning is entirely depending on nothing, it varies with every string, while blog with 1000/day earn 10 dollars, in the same niece a blog with 450 views/day earns 120 dollars. So you can’t predict the amount and no one can, it’s a secret Google keeps to itself.

But, If you need a number, which I know you need, then I will say with appropriate enthusiasm and hard work you can, without much of a stretch earn 50 dollars a day as a beginner. Good luck.

Can anyone earn from Google AdSense?

Earning from AdSense is relies on upon numerous possibilities. Much the same as the above answer anybody can make money from AdSense. However, the effect will be in the amount.
But if your fantasy is to start a site, writing only 2-3 posts and a week slapping AdSense ads on your site to earn millions of dollars instantly and becoming the second richest man in the world (The first is me), then that’s not going to happened. You will not earn a single dime, well likely 0.000001 dollars; that’s it.

Reliance of AdSense Earnings: 

  1. Your blog’s niche: Earning from AdSense is at first relies on upon your blog’s niche. If your blog’s topic stand on high paying keywords, then certainly you going to earn more and on another side, a low paying keyword will most likely give you the low result.
  2. The place and Design of your ad: Where you put your AdSense or how alluring your ad is looking, can likewise differ your earnings. It says if you put your AdSense ad above the fold of your readers, it will do much better then placing it behind the fold. 
  3. Traffic: if you have a good amount of traffic rushing to your blog per month then despite having low CPC keyword you can earn handsomely.
  4. Reader’s reaction: the reaction of your reader’s towards the ads is also imperative. As you most likely know, the more click you get, the more bucks will race into your pocket.

How to become a paid blogger?

FIRST,  Before you can begin to say you're a paid blogger, you must prove that you’re worth to be paid. Open a blog not matters WordPress or blogger, compose quality articles as much as possible and by quality content I mean articles that tackle issues. And show the world your potential.

SECOND, Promote your blog to all over social media to increase your discoverability and grow your audience.

THIRD, Now when you’re ready to rock with great articles and a promising blog, you can go and ask your check listed clients if they need a blogger. Show them your work on your blog and your writing style. And if you're selected as their company blogger then your empty pocket will take no time to fill itself.

How old do you have to be to become a paid blogger? 

This is the funny one, the answer is very basic, no you can’t become a paid blogger till you’re 25.
Hehe, just kidding.

Don’t worry; there are no age limits to be a paid blogger. Actually, it doesn't rely on upon your age it relies on upon your ability and aptitudes. Numerous bloggers are beneath 18 and earning more than grown-ups. So don't focus on your age concentrated on your skills, age nothing for this situation.

How to increase traffic to my website? 

Well, I don't need 10 points, i will answer the question anyway. Generating a good amount of traffic is a process of long-term, it doesn’t happen overnight, it's takes time, hard work and excellent outreach to achieve the traffic goal.

Just overlook for a minute that it is a site and imagine it is your pet. Now answer me, can you make your pet grown overnight? Can you train your pet in order to be first in one day?

I think you got my point.

But in the case of blogs, there are 100s of tips you can apply to increase the speed up the process. Below are some tips you can use to get quality traffic on your blog.

  1. Evergreen SEO: A proper search engine optimization, both on page & off page can help you to rank higher in rank in Google search engine. Keyword optimization, the inbound link, outbound links, etc. can contribute to increasing your visitors count to the top.
  2. Blog commenting: it’s in trend now, and you know, the trend is the traffic. Blog commenting is a unique but proven way to increase traffic to your blog, when individuals click on your name in the comment they will redirect to your website and become your visitors.                       But one important thing about blog commenting, if you only have something so say or some advice to give, only then use the comment box, either there is no value of this tip.  
  3. Headline crown: Write headlines that are irresistible and worth a click. The headline is the crown of your blog, the more it brightens, the more engagement you will be going to receive. 
  4. Article submission: Free article submission directory is an excellent way to increase traffic. Submit your articles to various article submission directory and see the magic.
  5. Guest posting: The old is gold. Guest posting is an excellent way to increase your blog’s exposure and also it gives you high-quality backlinks are the key to rank at the top of search engine and get millions of visitors per month.
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Traffic exchange & is it worth? 

The arrangement of traffic exchange works somehow like this; you asked other bloggers in your niche to out some details and a link to your blog, on their site, and when they agreed to do so, you will respond the same by placing their details on your blog.

In this way when someone clicks on your link from other bloggers websites you will get their traffic, and when someone clicks on your blog, they will get yours.

Though this not consider as a black hat one, however, it also doesn’t help with SEO at all. And also called a trick of below standard. So try not to involve in traffic exchange and earn backlinks with your quality.

The Best Traffic Software?

Are you serious?

Okay got it, you’re. At that point, I will give you the best traffic software, available in the market. , Let me present the software that helps 1000 of bloggers like Neil Patel, Pete Cashmore, ‎Rand Fishkin, so on so far. And the software is:

Hard work & Passion

What, you didn’t like it? But sorry to say this is the only software that can help you to generate success and traffic.

What so-called software do is, they refresh you page as many times as they can within minutes and that it. It gives an illusion that you got thousands of visitors, but it is nothing but the refresh count.

Don’t go with any traffic software, those are worthless and there to grab your money before you even earn.

Which is the best blogging platform regarding traffic?

Is terms of traffic no blogging platform in less and that which can’t be a second Mashable. Traffic doesn’t hang on platforms; it hinges on your content and your content superiority. So try to harvest as much quality content as possible with the proper campaign, then no blogging platform can alter your destiny.

Don’t think too much about blogging platforms; they are just a medium & medium doesn’t affect success.

Now, what?

I answered most of your desire questions, now you have two options, you can go and search for more answer, or you can start blogging and see the result by yourself. I think the second one is better.

And if you have any other questions apart from the above mentions, Please Let me know, I will add that discussion to the article.

& If you liked this post, I’d be very grateful if you’d help it spread by emailing it to a friend, or sharing it on social medias.

Happy Blogging!!


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