Tuesday, 12 July 2016

5 Young Bloggers to Boost your Inspiration l From Nothing to Everything

“If you love your blog, your blog will love you double.”

For many, blogging is a journey; a success that requires hard work, but holds tremendous success. A blogger needs to be passionate and must be affectionate towards his blog.

The Blogging world depends on many little rules and following them leave an enormous positive impact on your blog.

There are hundreds of bloggers who started but couldn’t succeed, because of their short-term patience, and there are thousands of others who changed the world of blogging. They have shown us, if you believe in your blog/website and properly feed it, one day it will grow so vast, it can support you overhead.

Blogging not only hands you your earnings, rather it provides you an unexpected exposure that you never imagined. Before I launched this blog, I searched the whole web, over and over about other bloggers, who turned blogging from their hobby to their career. I was so encouraged by them, that I started my own blog, let’s see what blogging holds for me.

Below is the list of young bloggers in India, who changed the way we see blogging, by setting up some well know and web renowned blogs.

Sushant Ridrokar is a blogger from Indore and only 21 years old; he secured his place, on the list of "young millionaire bloggers from India". He started his blog SmartBloggerz in 2008, and now it's one of the most successful blog on the web.

Pradeep Kumar, he began his blogging journey at the age of 17. He Is the owner of HellBound Bloggers (HBB). A well-succeeded blog. When he started his journey, it took several hard years for him to grab the success he dreamed of, but with patience, he achieved the goal, that only very few people can come by.

Rajesh Namase is another young pro blogger from India and also the founder of Techlila. He is an IT engineer by education and only 23 years old. His blog is also a very successful one, and talks about technology tips and tricks.

Ravi Chopra is a well-known name in the world of Internet marketing. At the age of 21 became Director of Clicks Bazaar Technologies. His website ClicksBazaar has been a pioneer in the field of Internet marketing for years.

Sandip Dedhia is a blogger from India, Who is an inspiration for many newbie bloggers. His blog Blogsdna gains thousands of readers per month and have wonderful blogging tips for new bloggers. His website is one of a complete tips & tricks site on the web.

Bottom line:

“one positive blog post I the morning can change your whole day.”

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