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How to Make Your Readers Dream About Your Blog in Broad Daylight

Remember how Ralph from wreck-it-ralph said, “There is no one I’d rather be than me.

In blogging, we can easily say, “There is no one you should have to be than you to be successful in blogging.

If you want to create a blog that sits on your readers mind, you can't do it by replicating others..

Lets say, If you follow brain dean, that doesn’t mean you need to be brain dean to create a successful blog like him; you need to be you, to make your blog stand out and inject it into people’s mind.

In my case, the approach is simple; I follow everyone but copy my heart, because that is where I get the best ideas.

For every site, content is its soul and the language is the brain. If your blog’s brain and soul bring about a chance to get into your reader’s mind, then undoubtedly your entire blog will be there in next to no time.

And so, Today I’ll illuminate some tips for you that can pick up your blog’s appeal further for your readers so that it can stroke straight to your audience’s notice and book a hotel there for free. But remember at the end, its you, who make all the difference.

1. Are you here to scare them?

“You are what your words are.” 

The tone you use on your blog leave an enormous impact on your reader’s psyche. It does not just characterize your sites nature; it describes your nature too. If you use serious verbal in your articles, then it makes the post serious and creates a serious picture of yours which is too hard to relate with. Keep in mind if your readers can't blend with you, then your site is too far to be remembered.

So, how to improve and don’t scare my readers?
Before you do any dialect changes or anything, above all else try to comprehend your audience’s nature. Is your audience are those, who opened the morning newspaper with some espresso in to look for death or defilement news in it or your audiences are those who opened the daily paper just to see pictures or someone else like you. 

Whoever the people is, they need somebody like them to tackle their issues and exhort them; that is the nature.  

In this case, if you are a blogger and created a site about blogging tips, then your methodology must be more friendly, use words as you talk. Don’t be official, (unless you’re Bruce Dern) it’s not a newspaper report. 

So understand your audience, not only to create a ‘go with them’ blog, furthermore to create a persona of yours which they can easily blend with. 

2. Use Subheading more viral than headings: 

The heading is the coronet of your content; I know that. But in any case, do you ever gathered the force subheadings hold. We googled@get thousands of articles which are written for headline enrichment, but what about subheadings.

Are we undervaluing the power of subheadings?

Beyond any doubt we are, we believe if only headlines are good, individuals will read the article, yet it's not by any means right. Only headlines can’t pull up your content if it doesn’t have proper subheadings to divide and creating enthusiasm for each section. 

I saw people, when they go some other places to reader articles, in a funny way they frequently analyze the subheadings, to understand the underneath content. And only if the subheadings are interesting and noteworthy, only then they worry to invest some time and read it.

You can never know if this is the case with your blog or not, but rather it's ideal to ready the food before fillings hungry. 

Thus Use subheading more spellbinding than your main headings, create curiosity, evaluate their interest, so you can compel them to read your content without giving them torment.

3.   You're not a culprit, Be confident about your saying: 

When I play hide and seek on else’s sites, time and again I witnessed that some bloggers not quite self-assured what they are stating and causes using words like ‘might’ or ‘probably’ more than once. They deem that will create their connection stronger with their readers.

No, no, no, if this is you, then stop doing it. 

Readers don’t like to solve their problems from those bloggers who themselves are not emphatic about their aptitude. It will convey a sign that you're not adept at doing what you're stating. 
So, what to do to project me the genius? 

You can do two things, One, just tackle issues which you're certain about.

Alternately, use the dialect that shows you're sufficiently sure about the damn you're stating.

Like if you saw a cat on the roof of your house and you want to project that as Professor McGonagall (I am sorry, I am a great Harry Potter fan). 

Like say it like this, “Yesterday, I saw Professor McGonagall in my roof, she was there to take me to Hogwarts.

But don’t say it this way, “Yesterday I saw a cat, and I think she is probably Professor McGonagall

The first one is the way that demonstrates the clarity of your certainty. And the second one shows about your uncertainty, and that’s certainly not a good thing to forecast. 

Only then people will believe in you and believe you’re the moses who can free them from their glitches. 

4.  Are you here for solving problem or creating it?

Do you love writing?.......Nice

But I don’t, I love solving problems. That’s why you are here right; that’s why the whole Google is alive. Every day millions of readers search in Google for their problems and, some returns with satisfaction, other returns with the planning of going through the same journey next day.

In this circumstances of a web, if you want your visitors to return with a next day plan, then probably you will not see them the following days in your blog. 

Since the issue is, whether you just write and write and write and toward the end say goodbye, without solving a single problem of your audiences, and passed by giving some pennyworth Aphorism. Then I am sorry to say, harsh truth, your blog will become glob (I just flip the ‘blog,' hehe).

But if you planned to give the satisfaction that they are searching for, then you can quickly turn your visitors into your readers. 

5. I am saying Use Humor not a Hammer, What the ****?

The heading says it all……….. No?

Okay, I'll clarify, when you began perusing a 2000 words article, at first it looks compelling and good read, yet it doesn't take long for you to get exhausted. And in any part of that article, if you felt too board to read, you just quite that article and skip to next one, right?

Then tell me if you do as such, then why not your readers, they are humans too. They felt board same like you, doesn’t matter if it’s your own article or a chunk of text from Wikipedia. 

So when this kind of circumstance hits you, you have to comprehend that it's an ideal time to inoculate some enjoyment in your content.
It’s the nature of the human brain, they don't recall what they ate yesterday, yet they recollect the little giggle they got from your content.

You can never know what a little cleverness can do to a word chunk. 

6. Kill your Attitude or your blog:

The discussion is the way to associate with your readers, the more you interface, the more you'll get them on your side.

To build an effective site, which worth notice, you must connect with your readers, join with them as much as you could. Reply to their every comment and try to answer emails politely.  Remember you are worth it because of your readers, so never show attitude to anyone, it creates a negative image which can destroy your blogging in the next second. Be neighborly to everyone, you are here to distribute knowledge not to create rivals. 

7.  Don’t create a niche cocktail: 

Do you like to think about, Milk and Ketchup at the same time?

If yes, then you have a terrible tasting sense and if no, then that’s because these two things don’t run with each other. They are better isolated.
The same thing goes for blogging. When anyone says I created a blog, only things that come to mind is, what the blog is about? 
And if you blend 2 or more niches on a single blog then what will be your answer?
Mixing two or more niche together to receive more traffic in return, is simply rash. It will not only rather lower your traffic, but it will also cause your blog to be Uncategorized by the audience, and that’s certainly not a right step to successful blogging.

You have to concentrate on one single corner and work around it, and give your readers as much as possible out of it. Don’t lose hope be passionate and one day your blog will sure be others daydream. 

So what are you waiting for?

I wrote a big post, told you many tips and gave you some advice, now you can do two things, you can implement these and subscribe to my blog happily or just walk away and subscribe to get more tips like this

Happy blogging! 😉


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