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How to Steal 1000 Visitors/day From Your Competitors Blog - The CPC Formula

Followings time blogging become the platform of competition. And the situation becomes more problematic when your competitors are well established in what they do. Thousands of new bloggers are growing every day, writing their posts, and publishing it. So, your original idea is most probably applied by someone else, and your cliché-less writing is now not so cliché-less.

I know, I know, the above paragraph is not very positive I know, but the good side is, the value quality content is still as fresh as it needs to be. To bring more traffic to your blog, Readers and Google are still as hungry as they are from the start, so you have an excellent chance to create a successful blog in every aspect, but if something is standing in front of you that is your competitors, right?

That's why this post comes into existence. The main motto is very simple. You have to do the same thing what your competitors did when they were newbies to get more traffic. But to make your blog attractive, you need to show your readers that they have something better than anyone out there has.

After all, one question still arises “how do I start a blog that became more popular than my competitors?

Let’s see!

The CPC Formula: C for Catch

A useful start is a key to success. Before your challenge you entrants with your quality content and other strategies, you first need to know what’s happening in your blog’s neighborhood. That is the most vital step to consider. If you don’t know what’s trending or the recent activity of other bloggers, then you can never make something better than them.

  1. Visit other bloggers blog and catch their recent activity. 
  2. Note down the posts which got more engagement from readers and posts which are not so popular. 
  3. Go to the last of their page bunch and take a brief look at their earlier posts

Remember to get more traffic to your blog; you first need to be a traffic of other blogs.

The CPC Formula: A for Analyze

This part is the most important one. Everything you do afterward, make your blog a sensation or the opposite, entirely depends on this step.

Before you do anything, next analyzation is the necessary thing to do. Your competitors are intelligent enough, and if you do not analyze them, you can never be one of them.


Examine how frequently other bloggers are posting their contents, and what is the response from readers. (For me you don’t need to post every day, just make sure your readers shouldn’t miss you.)


Analyze the posts with most engagement and also the one which are utterly alone. Inspect Why those posts are getting so much engagement, what is the writing style and most importantly, what is the which is gathering so much engrossment. 

Do the same things with disengaged posts, understand why those posts are not getting the exposure, what is different in the writing style and certainly what is the topic, what couldn’t able to muster the involvement.


Follow 10 -20 posts of your rivals and other bloggers and scrutinize the length of their posts, catch to the average length, they are writing and which range is getting more attention. Connect this point with number one, (frequency) and you will get how frequently and how lengthy articles you should post to grab more attention. You need to understand what your readers want, and other established blogger’s blogs are the perfect start to analyze them.

An wonderful Article about How Long Should Your Blog Post Be? from


Pictures are the clothes for your blog post, so I will not say to review other bloggers posts to understand the importance of using pictures, since using pictures is always an excellent option to enrich your posts. But in this case analyzing other bloggers will give you an understanding how they use photos, videos, and audios to supplement their posts. Which is the right place to put pictures, that hooked the audience and what type of graphics they are using?


This one is another compelling one. Apart from the length, frequency, engagement and other, social media marketing are another necessary step to evaluate. You will learn many strategies and techniques of media marketing by analyzing their activity in social media. Know the template of their posts in social networking, how they are using social media to promote their blog and reaching thousands of thousands of people and making them blog popular.

Remember, analyzing is not for jealousy, it’s about making yourself better than others.

The CPC Formula: C for Create

Now it’s time to create your excellent content, which will surely create a buzz. Apply everything you learned from analyzing and put it into your posts. Your competitors are a great resource for you to find out how the audience system works. Open your WordPad and start writing your posts.

  1. Define a friendly writing style that can relate to your readers. Remember it’s not a press release, don’t be too formal. 
  2. Hold a particular post length that can be easy to read and shareable
  3. Media marketing is crucial to promote your blog in social networking and make your blog popular.
  4. To engage your readers, you need to Engage with your readers.
  5. Pick the topics that are most trending around your blog’s community and write better than them. Like if you saw your competitor wrote this blog post, “5 ways to make your blog popular,” then you should write this, “10 ways you can make your blog a huge sensation.” Headlines can be very powerful, and holds 30% power to attract traffic. 

Tiny observation can a great help for your blog, follow others not only for you are a fan, follow other to improve yourself with their knowledge.

Bottom Line:

There is nothing called good post or bad posts, only attractive posts and non-attractive posts.
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