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Remarkably Increase Email Subscribers 99% Faster than You Sleep

  1. Do you only get visitors, but not subscribers?
  2. Does your subscriber list looks like a haunted house?
  3. Do you think you are doing all correct?
80% of traffic in 90% of blogs in the industry, comes from email marketing, and building an email list can instantly fill your empty well with traffic. From big to most major companies and blogs use email marking to attract millions of visitors and generating huge sum revenue per month.

How hard to build an email list?

Let’s put it in this way, there are 7.2 billion people on this planet, and 25% of them have an email account, so its nearly 3 billion people, who called themselves as an email Clint. And the number of emails sent and received per day is total over 205 billion.

Well, that’s a huge number of emails.

So now tell me, how hard it can be to build an email list when you have 3 billion people in front of you with an email account. You just need a tiny-tiny piece of that pie to create an enormously successful blog.

There are many other articles I came through on the web which delivers that social media like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, QA sites, etc. are a great source of traffic. Well that somewhat accurate but these services can only be a source of some extra audience, but focusing solely on email marketing can turn your blogs traffic count upside down, it can be your main source of traffic. Email marketing has the higher ROI comparing to any other social medias around.

Now think a little deep, how many emails you get per day? Let’s say 100-150 and how updates you receive on Facebook or Twitter? Let’s say 500-1000. So tell me which one is more noticeable?

Of course the email one, in social medias it nearly takes no time, for your post to lost in the list of feeds. But when you send the same post through email, it is enough noticeable to build a huge following instantly.

So, if you want to build a town hall of emails but your list looks like a haunted house, then these below tips will surely help you to fill it.

1. Sign Up box:

I know this is the most obvious one, but let’s start with the basic. Don’t lose hope there are many more.
Placing a sign-up box in you blog is the first and foremost action you should consider to enlarge you email list. Subscription box gives your readers a chance to connect directly with your blog.

2.  The Calling Tag:

The text you exploit in the subscription form to call your readers for subscribe is very crucial to build your email list. The text needs to be enough provoking so that your readers can’t help themselves but sign up.
I will say look at some other top blogger’s calling tags to understand how they are pitching their appeal to attract visitors and how Stimulation points changes subscription volume.
The majority of readers take the word “Subscribe” as a paid service, and that’s the reason they don’t bother to click on that button, try changing it to something more appealing to increase subscriber rates.

The NeilPatel Way To Attract Subscribers:

3.    Pop up box:

When I started this blog, my fist subscriber came neither from sidebars nor from anywhere else, it came from the pop-up subscription. That’s was when I understood the power of popping.
No matter who or how many people says to you, that pop-up ads are exasperating and you shouldn’t apply it on your blog, but trust me, you should include a pop-up form on your blog, it’s a 100% proven method to raise your subscribers list up to 20%.

4.    Place & Positions Matters :

The position of your signup box takes a gigantic part to twist your blog’s visitors into subscriber’s. According to the heatmap strategy, insertion of the subscription form at the areas where readers click the most, will undoubtedly left a huge influence on your subscriber count.

Another most central thing to consider is, Engaging at least one subscription form at front of your reader’s naked eyes. The form must be clearly visible from the second they land on your page, that’s the way you can amplify your reader's interest & gain subscribers.

What is the best place to set subscription form?

Below is the list of High converting areas to gain more subscribers:

  1. The Feature Box – The feature box is the place at the top of your blog, not to refer, that’s the first area which came into perceiving when someone visits your site. And it’s a great approach to increase your emails lists.
  2. Top off your header – floating top-header subscribe form is also a good way to gain subscribers. Numerous popular websites are using this manner to acquiring emails.
  3. Splash Page (If you have one) – if you have a splash page then it can be a golden place to add your subscriber's form. Decorate your splash page and add a form, then see the magic.
  4. Right Sidebar- top of the sidebar is the most common and most popular place to put your subscription box. While reading an article; your readers can easily subscribe to your list from sidebar.
  5. Bottom of your every post – if you want someone to subscribe to your blog after reading one of your posts then, just add a form at the lower part of your every single post page. So that when someone finished reading your posts, then can also subscribe to your site.
  6. At the footer Section – footer section is also a good place to add. It's the place where most of your site links took place, so it’s a good place to gain some extra subscribers.
  7. On your About Page – this is the page where everybody knows about you, and your personal life. I can’t think of a better place than this page to add a subscribe form. This page has a great emotional value which attracts readers and perfect to grow permanent readers.

5.    Comments to Subscribe:

The comments section is where people share their thoughts. So think about it, if they are commenting on your blog, then they liked your post. That’s mean readers are interested in your article. Well, if that so then why not put a subscribe checkbox after your comments section, that way people can easily subscribe to your blog after they comment on your post. That’s easy, right?

So just add a “Subscribe to our newsletter” checkbox after your comment input to turn some commenter into subscribers. Remember, a small change is a huge change in this industry.

6.    Let Your Readers Know About (?):

Before you ever expect your readers to subscribe to your list. You first need to show them what they will benefit you’re giving them, what type of emails will you send them?

Your readers need to know when they see an email from your site, what they can expect, should they expect it a spam? Or something valuable which will improve them from certain edge.

So, before you ask your readers for their email address you first need to show them what upfront value they will get if they subscribe to your blog.

7.    The Continuity of Value:

This one is a vital one. If you want to reach and uncountable level of readers, then you must hold the continuity to push value added emails. That’s the reason they subscribed to your blog at the first place. Without this interest, they will just unsubscribe from your blog following a certain of time.

You must hold your reader’s temptation towards your blog by Sending continuous quality emails without spamming their inbox with soggy emails. If they realize that they are getting something beneficial from you, This will pull them back from clicking the unsubscribe button.

8.    Give before You Ask Something:

Don’t be greedy, all asking not giving will not help you to increase your subscriber list.

You must give your readers something, to gain their attention. It could be a book you wrote that is insanely helpful for your readers, of a video lesson where you demonstrated how to achieve 1,000,000 visitors within one week, or it can be a podcast of a hugely successful blog post. Whatever it is, it needs to hit that value where readers can’t help them but enter their email address to download the file.

Tips: Doesn’t matter what you are giving to your audiences in return, but it must be helpful for them, if it’s not, then……..huuh.

9.    Messy to Confuse:

In Movies:

“When people have the Freedom to choose, they choose the wrong” – Meryl Streep from The Giver.

In Blogging:

“When people have many things to choose, they choose nothing” – Me from

This is what happen when you have a site that has thousands of gates and hundreds of windows. If you make your readers confused while choosing, then they will just free themselves by choosing nothing.

Don’t mess your site with links, offers, and ads. It will confuse your readers towards what to pick and what's right, too many ads are similar to no visitors and too many offers are analogous to no subscribers. Make your site straightforward and clean; a clean and straightforward site gets far more subscribers then the scruffy one.

10.    Guest Post:

The old is still gold. The Guest posting strategy to increase your subscriber list is immortal. When you have no subscriber in your list, but you produce enough quality content, then just guest post one of it on others blog, and within some days you can see a rapid growth in both in your traffic and subscriber list.

The most impressive fact about guest posting is, it’s just a one-time investment, your guest post will send traffic and subscriber to your blog for years. And not to mention this strategy will surely help you to achieve your first 1000 subscribers.

Over to you:

In the entire web space, there are an uncountable number of blogs present and your blog is one of them. But it can easily be turned into a countable blog, if you have some good number of subscribers who are waiting every day for your upcoming quality content. So go ahead and build some email lists and write your success.

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