Friday, 1 July 2016

Lessons You Overlook: 7 Crafty Secrets to Crack Your Traffic Goal

Do you know what is the difference between web 
traffic and actual traffic?

Actual traffic is the condition you never want your head to push into and on the other side, blog traffic is the situation you are waiting for to push your head into. Isn’t it?

Well, it's equal for every blogger. Everyone wants a mass audience, they wait for months’, sometime years for their audience to come and take a glance on their blog. But it’s not as easy as easily I typed it, you need to prove to prove your existence on the web well, without proper techniques, your audience will never know what gem you have in your blog. And the whole Traffic building plan stands on that instinct. 

My friend, who is an established blogger told me something that shocked me. He told me to drive traffic to your blog is not hard, if something is hard that is to convince that traffic to be your audience.

Well, its true, driving traffic for the first period is not tough, but losing them in the second period make the whole traffic building process useless.

So what to do? Any idea?

Well, I asked the same question to my blogger friend. I was clueless about what to do next, everything looks more confusing than I imagined.

But I found my answer and that’s helped me a lot, here’s what I got,

Well, that seems rather odd, right? Well, don’t be surprised, it’s a premium need to drive massive traffic to your blog and mostly to turn them your audience.
Quality content is important. A blogger only ten days old also knows that, but it’s not enough, for me, there are two types of quality content.
a)    Quality boring content (looks like a press released article)

b)    Quality exciting content (you know what I am talking about)

The second type is the one to get the most traffic since this kind of materials is called the unmissable content. You need you write your content a way that deserves a bookmarking. (Well, that’s huge)

Don’t entrust your ideas only to the small group of your niche. That’s not good for growing of your blog.

Small circle = small amount of people = small traffic = little earning (This is not what you want to hear right)

So, think beyond your inspiration, that will make your blog favorite for all kinds of audience.

Have you wondered why all films have trailers? No, not because they have plenty of time for time pass. Rather, it’s a need for the film to rank better than others by presenting them an early insight of the film.This method is also legible for blog posts. If you want traffic both from search engines and video hosting sites, this method will prove heavenly for you. Creating videos for your blog spot will create a huge buzz for that post and you can easily move a very good amount of traffic to your blog.

People who often desire to be a model or an actor, are mostly very much interested in the journey of Top listed actors or models.

That’s because they like their journey and got inspired by their journey to the ultimate fame. 
That happens to all, top bloggers are an influence for newbies. Fresher’s wanted to walk along their path and bring t the success what they achieved and that’s an ultimate technique to drive traffic to your blog.

Post interviews with top bloggers on your blog, show the audience their journey and income report. How they took the spotlight, how they maintain their popularity, hundreds of questions but every answer counts.

Next time, after you publish your post, go and search in google about other blogs who wrote the same topic like yours. Read them, analyze them, and write a comment with anchoring your blog post about that topic. If anyone likes your comment and visits your blog, they will most likely find more serious content than previously.

Think Your blog as gun and your audiences are bullets, without it, your gun is completely useless and certainly without it, you can't shoot the bull's eye.

Though it should be the first point of this list, but give it the first priority in your mind.
Your audience is the most important part of your blog, value them by valuing their response. If they interact with you through comments, email, or any other source, reply their every response. Every response is highly important for your blog’s success. It shows that you appreciate your audience’s time and opinion. It also creates your image to your readers. And that must be good.

You want readers for your posts, and readers are all over the web. Don’t target a particular niche, because if someone writes a food blog that doesn’t mean, they will not read your blog. I write about blogging, but I also like travel blogs. So don’t target people of a particular niche, rather target readers, they are most valuable for you.

Write titles for a particular occasion, that will make your title and also the content quite interesting.
Example: 7 tricks to make your blog massive success: Christmas special

At the end:

Everyone needs traffic, but techniques are important for achieving that goal, make your blog a huge success in 2016. 


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