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Explode Social Engagement Just by Tweaking Your Post Length

Explode Social Engagement

Is your post length blocking your outstanding shares?

Everyone wants their posts to be shared all over the social media, like Facebook, twitter, google+, Pinterest, etc. that’s a most authentic and efficient way to get an enormous amount of traffic and promote the blog. But considering post length can be a very tricky step in this method.

But there are some unofficial layouts that give a brief look at how a bloggers post length should be to achieve the maximum shares and attention from the readers. But those are just case studies, and it differs time to time, moreover when it is based on human behavior.

Should I Follow the 200-600 words layout?

Why Should You Follow? 

Articles between 200-600 words are mostly classified as short articles, or point to point posts. People doesn’t like to read long, and if you give them short articles between 200-600 words, then they will do most likely read it.

This type of articles is useful for discussion based sites. Sites which are meant to interact with people on a particular topic, and further the discussion. These type of blogs used short articles. Short Articles are best for getting comments and interact more with visitors.

Short length pieces are not very worthy for social shares. They hardly shared on Facebook, Twitter or G+. Moreover, short articles go through a hard time ranking on search engines. So if you want to be a serious blogger, want traffic, shares and ranking avoid short articles ad increase some lines in your post to hit a higher length.

A Great Exception: Seth Godin

Seth Godin is an American author, entrepreneur, marketer, and public speaker. His word count of every post in his blog is just between 50-200 words. And still he is in the top being a great exception.

Brief: Why Short Articles?
  • Good if you want to be frequent article submitter.
  • Good if you want to Create a Discussion based Site.
  • Good if you like comments more than SHARES.
  • Good, if the ranking is not a factor for you. 
  • Good if you don’t want to be Neil Patel. 

Should I Follow the medium length 1000-1500 words layout?

Why Should You Follow?

Medium length posts are the most popular once among 80% of bloggers and also This length is the vastly shared on social media, this length is the middle of short articles and long articles, and holds a perfect balance to be a great blog post.

For newbie blogger who wanted to produce quality content in a daily basis; and wanted to grow their blog rapidly, medium post length is perfect for them. 


I will suggest after a certain point, when you started to get success in blogging, you should start think of increase the word count of your posts. That will helps your blog to rank higher in search engines and gives your more traffic.

Brief: Why Medium Articles?
  • Good for social shares 
  • Suitable for daily Basis Blogs
  • Suitable for low-patience Readers. 
  • Good for Newbie Bloggers.

Should I Follow the 2000-5000 words forma?

Why Should You Follow the Wall of Words or The Long Post forma?

If you search for a topic on the web and click on the first 5-6 results, you will most probably end up with a long 2000-5000 words articles, that are thoroughly descriptive about your query. These articles ranked at the top, for many reasons, and one of the imperative ones, is their word count.


Longer articles can be implemented with many different keywords, and many say it’s the best range of word count you can rely on. And that’s true in every aspect; Long articles are a wonder for SEO, Google loves long articles, and also it gets shared in social media's the most. Long articles gives you more space to play with your words, and of Couse play with readers mind, which brings more traffic for your blog.


Being a Newbie blogger, I faced many issues to pull that off. Since when you just started your blog, and you want a rapid growth, then occasional posting will not do the work at all.

The agenda is, Rapid growth needs prompt attention from Google, and quick care needs rapid posting and indexing, so writing 5000 words article every day is not possible at all, it’s like writing a short novel every day.

Brief: Why LongArticles?
  •  Good for SEO
  •  Good Ranking Higher in Search Engines
  •  Good for getting Linkbacks 
  •  Excellent for Social Shares.
  •  Good to get the most Traffic. 


So I did a little research and understand a simple deal about post length, 

  1. Mostly Successful bloggers, who are quite well established in their field, often goes for long articles, they don’t need to think about regular posting, since they have a Furnished reputation and an enormous amount of fan following, so they just need to focus on creating a quality rich content.
  2. Newbie Bloggers, to be successful in the blogging field, they need to grow everything from every side, like maintaining social media, producing content every day, so that more and more pages of their blog get indexed, then promoting their content, etc. That’s way newbies or medium level newbies goes for Medium length articles, so that they can pull off the everyday new update plan.

Below is a graph of  Word Count Vs Engagement

Funny Fact: (Your Readers Are Busier Ten You)

Yes, it’s true. Your readers are far busier than you, readers always have a question, and they searched the whole web to get the correct answer for that query. And when they find something 5000 words long to get their answer, they just blob their eyes. They don’t like to read; it’s tedious and time-consuming. So only till they believe that the 5000 words will worth their time entirely, they will not read your content.

They found a shortcut,

I saw in many cases readers only attend the H2, H3, H4 tag titles. They scan through the whole article and catch the title tags to understand the rest of the article (I sometimes do that). They don’t ever bother to read the rest, and that’s true.

What’s your wish?

Well at the end, quality content is, which matters.Play with post lengths, there is no rule, no boundaries, don’t try to write extra words just to hit a word count roof. 

For me, Post lengths don't a problem till you are producing quality materials, and when you provide content that has potential, it can go further being any length. So concentrate on creating quality content rather thinking about post length.


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