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Shapes & Idioms to Make Your Headlines a Crowd Puller - S2s

Before I start, I want to ask if anyone remembered today’s newspaper headlines?

No? Well, think again, not all of them, but you might remember some of them right?

If yes, then that’s because those headlines formulated in a way which ignites your interest to know more, and you most likely end up with reading the whole article.

Well, yes, that’s the power of headlines, they called headlines not only because they sit on the head of an article, also because they meant to sit on your head as well.

Headlines decide if your article has that potential to fulfill your readers' interest and if they read it further. It creates a huge identity and pre-interest to your articles which are the core secret for every post those ever went viral.

So, if you ever thought to write a blog post, no matter if its content is worthy or not, and still if you want readers, then the only trick you have is tweaking the headlines.

What is Headlines? (Not a boring definition)

The headline is a sentence, but not a casual one; rather it holds the insights of your whole thousand word articles inside few words.

That’s tricky, isn’t it? 

Actually, not that much. Every viral headline, short or long follows a structure. And it’s very vital for each headline to follow a particular structure to succeed. It gives you a path to put the correct words in the right place and makes something that people can’t resist but click.

I observed many headlines, some of them are viral like viruses (the dangerous one) and other have a small value, not up to the mark. But those articles which have 90,000 shares in social media, not only they presented quality content, but they used a title that catches the crowd like magnets. And all of them shares something in common, they followed a structure and used correct masses (wording) for their titles.

So, structures are important because they give you an understanding of where to put what, and that will help you to write impressive titles. 

Headlines Skeletons: mostly for viral one

Above, is the list of four most famous structures viral headings mostly use. These are the skeletons for your headlines. And it will give you an eye-catching result for your header.

Headlines Mass:

If structures are the skeleton of your headlines than without any doubt words are its mass. It fills your headline structure and completes it.

But what phases to choose?

Well, there are thousands of phrases, phrases drop like rainfall in a thick rain-forest. That’s normal, but not all phases are worthy or in other words not all phrases create a buzz. But some particular phrases are highly used in most of the viral headlines.

At first, I wondered these phrases used in so many headlines, so indeed it loses its value, but then I understand using an individual phase many times in viral headlines doesn’t make the phases valueless rather it shows how much valuable it is. If pro-bloggers used those phrases is their headlines, that means they are in trends, and they hold some inestimable value. 

Mind blowing
It follows the list of title adjectives like Amazing, Popular, impressive, groundbreaking, Remarkable, Extraordinary, etc.

  1.  35 Mind-Blowing Quotes That Will Change How You See the World
  2.  53 Amazing Things You Should Know About
  3.  15 Popular English Words and Their Mind-Blowing Origins

You Had no idea
Use when your readers don’t know with something and you are the one realizing them.

  1. 50 Random Things You Had No Idea Existed
  2. 21 Celebrities You Had No Idea Were HIV Positive
  3. You Had No Idea It Was This Bad: 37 Haunting Photos

Will make you
Use when you want to use your title to show that the article holds something and that will increase or decrease something.

  1.  Taking Up These 10 Hobbies Will Make You Smarter
  2.  4 Automation Techniques That Will Make You Rethink Recruitment
  3. 11 Scientific Facts Which Will Make You Feel Very Uneasy

Everything You Need
Use when you want to inform your reader that you have all that they wanted.

  1. Blogging 101: Everything You Need to Start a Blog
  2. List of viral words: Everything You Need to write an awesome post
  3. Everything You Need: How to start a successful business in 1 hour

You will never guess
Same goes like “You Had no idea”

  1. You'll Never Guess how these tips can change your blogging life
  2. You'll never guess what happens to Taylor Swift as she stars in hilarious new Apple Music ad
  3. Shark Attacked By Giant Moray Eel, You'll Never Guess What Happens Next! 

You Need to read 
Use when you want to show the readers that you have something that is vital for what they need.

  1. 11 Queer Books You Need to Read And Revisit For Summer 2016
  2. 7 Books You Need to Read This May
  3. 8 Lena Dunham-Approved Books You Need to Read Right Now

That will turn your
Use when you want to show with your title that the article you have will turn their something into something, well you got my point.

  1.  Series Books that Will Turn Your Struggling Reader into a Voracious Reader
  2.  5 Habit Makeovers That Will Turn Your Life Around
  3.  Five Facts That Will Turn Your World Upside Down

{Adjectives - Creative} ways to get more

Use when you want to show your readers that you know the ways to get something more or better than what they get now.

  1. 50 Free Ways to get more Instagram Followers 
  2. 8 Creative Ways to Get More Customers 
  3. Easy ways to get more storage on your smartphone 

Use when you want to give some step by step process to your newbie readers.

  1. How to Create a Blog: Step-By-Step Guide with Pictures
  2. Ultimate Step-by-Step Guide to Writing a Blog Post
  3. A Step-By-Step Process to Tell Compelling Stories and Improve Conversion Rates

Guaranteed to Get
Use when you promised your readers, that they will 100% get that what you assured to offer.

  1. 4 Facebook Posts Guaranteed to Get More Likes and Comments
  2. 10 Movies Guaranteed to Get Your Taste Buds Tingling
  3. 3 Subliminal Hacks Guaranteed to Get Your Blog Posts Read

How to
One of the most famous styles of blog titles, use when you want to describe a process.

  1. How to Start a Blog in Less than 10 Mins
  2. How To Grow a New Website to Over 100,000 Organic Visits Per Month
  3. How To Start Your Own Business - I Will Teach You To Be Rich


Use when you know the top secret formula and you want to share with your readers.

  1. The Secret To Successful Blogging
  2. The Secret to establishing a business within 1 day
  3. The Secrets to Successful Fashion Blogging

Use when you want to show your post contents value as a limited offer which of course not limited.

  1. Who Else Wants to be a Headline Writing Ninja?
  2. Who Else Wants to Build Links and Rank High in Google
  3. Who Else Wants To Protect Their Business From Phishing Scams

Did You Know
Use when you want to inform your readers about something imperative in a questioning style.

  1. Did you know that only five apps dominate smartphone traffic?
  2. Did you know that your haircut is stopping you from getting a job?
  3. Did You Know: Delicious Honey can save your life.

More, Increase, Better, Faster
When you have something to offer increasing way.

  1. 5 Killer Tactics to Increase Your Blog Traffic
  2. 101 Steps to Becoming a Better Blogger
  3. 6 Innovative Tips for Faster Blogging

Must read / must follow/ must have
Force your readers to do something by promising they will get something good. (Of course)

  1. 10 Influential Blogs You Must Read Always
  2. 20 BEST Customer Experience blogs that you MUST follow
  3. 42 must-have blogging tools for WordPress bloggers.

Finishing Line :

"The headline is the 'ticket on the meat.' Use it to flag down readers who are prospects for the kind of product you are advertising." - David Ogilvy

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