Sunday, 10 July 2016

How to Enamor your Visitors with Emoji’s: The Emoji-appeal Technique

Ever wondered why the system of Emojis started at the first place?

Using Emojis is a popular trend on social media and chat boxes; it’s a small digital image to express our personal idea or emotions. 

As we know Facebook have its list of emoji’s, WhatsApp uses it, and thousands of other programs for social networking practice it as well. But why?

Is it only because it’s a trend? 

No; emojis had a high impact on human brains. Through it, one can apprehend the sensations of somebody else, while he/she is writing the content. It makes a friendlier atmosphere and engrosses people more with the matter. 

However nowadays, this practice in not only limited to social networking or chat boxes. But it’s now also widely used in blogging platforms. Not to mention, it’s doing quite well over time. 

As I said earlier that emoji had a high impact on human brains, and you need to play with the human minds to make your blog a winner, you have to raise the stage of emotions in your content, and create an environment, that everyone can relate with. And for this job, emojis will aid you a whole heap. 

In what manner? 

Let’s take an example: 

Notice the distinction between above two line; In the first one, it delivers a sentence with promise, but the second one is a sentence where readers will not only get a promise, rather it will show, that you are cocksure about what you're saying, and that sums up a huge impact.

1. Control your Reader’s Emotion

Forget everything, and just focus on what I am saying now. Let’s say you want your readers to smile & make them feel happy at a certain point in your article; you can do that in two modes. First, you can use words to raise their sentiments, or you can use emotions to lift their feelings.

How words work in this case, commonly you know, but the way emojis work, is a little different. The human emotions have a tendency to motivate itself by other emotions popping around them, thus if you put a (smiley) at the end of you sentence to show your emotion, it most likely also brings a smile on your readers face too. Tricky but true. 

2. A Tool for a Friendly Environment

Notice, both are the same dialogue, conveyed with similar emotions, but for the first one people will get you just said only, and in the next one people will understand you not only said, you mean it. 

Emoji creates a friendly environment for your blog; it will massage your readers that you are approachable, and they can freely connect with you. It’s an excellent message to forward if you want your blog to be successful in future. 

3. Emoji for Attraction

Thousands of comments posted on a blog, you are scrolling down without reading a single one, it goes on, but suddenly a particular comment grasps your eyes, that comment was written with emojis, which formed an attraction in your mind. However, that comment was pure like others. But what makes it unusual is the emojis. 

Uses of Emojis, add some extra charm rather interests, towards your content. Whenever you feel, individual zones in your articles can be uninteresting, and also important to be a part of it, just use emojis. It will hold your reader’s attraction and turn the annoyance into casualness 

Popular Emojis for Blogging

There are thousands of emojis exists, like expressions, travel, animals, tools, etc. But they all are not quite appropriate for a blog; there are some individual ones very well-liked for blogs, and websites. 

Which are they? Take a look down.

Personal vs. Professional Blogs

Emojis creates an open setting for your blog, and approach your readers in a more casual and sociable style, if you own a personal blog, then emojis will help you a great deal to grow your audience and evaluate your contents excite level. 


If you have a professional blog like news or a brand’s official website, then I insist you to not to use emojis on your blog, emojis not look professional, it’s good for personal. So if you have a professional blog, use words rather than emojis, Sorry !

Bottom Words:

Emojis are for emotions; Emotions are for people, and you need people to grow your blog. So, use emojis and improve your blog. 

Happy Blogging!!!

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  1. I love emojis when texting or commenting on Facebook on my phone - sometimes they just say more than words can! Kaz x


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