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102 Ways to Kill Your Blog When Success is Close


If you ‘re a blogger like me then you came through bunches of articles that pinpointed your mistakes, that are highly prohibited to build a successful blog. And when you're attempting to make a blog that is epic, then you must avoid mistakes.

It's hard for a new blogger to keep up each side at the same time and when they don't know how much mistakes are too much in blogging. I saw numerous blogs that bite the dust inside 3 months, and other few websites that commending their 25th year.

I set up together a massive rundown (102) of slip-ups that can easily kill your blog and make it a total failure.

Design Related:

1.    Choosing Clumsy theme
2.    Decorating theme without knowledge of colors
3.    Using colors that are mixed-up and hard to read.
4.    Using too much links on a single page.
5.    Choosing theme that’s not well supported
6.    Too heavy and transaction packed theme.
7.    Choosing non-responsive theme.
8.    Theme’s loading speed is higher than a turtle’s life.
9.    Using fonts that are better in a showcase.
10.  Using too many features and highlighting nothing.

Text Related:

11.    Using font size lower than 12px.
12.    Font colors that are too hard to read.
13.    Using the color other than black (or related) for the main body.


14.    Using headlines that are trash.
15.    Headlines long as Eiffel tower.
16.    Headlines short as strawberry shortcake.
17.    Headlines that are too common to get a click
18.    Not using headings, subheadings in posts. 
19.    Grammar and spell errors.
20.    Not creating curiosity in writing to attract visitors.
21.    Not using friendly language.
22.    Rushing for update and creating middle standard content.
23.    Not using bucket bridges in posts.
24.    Post length below 300 words.
25.    Telling stories without solving problems.
26.    Not dividing posts into paragraphs.
27.    Not using proper images and graphics in posts.
28.    Single image & thousands of words. (No one likes phonebook)
29.    Incomplete article.
30.    To increase productivity, dividing posts into parts.
31.    Using Shakespeare English to show your English skills.
32.    Using too formal writing.
33.    You only absorbed on word count more than content value.
34.    You don’t settle the end before starting the writing
35.    Posting Very non-frequently as a newbie. (Once a week or month)


36.    Using keywords that are worthless.
37.    URLs that are too big and messy for eyes.
38.    Using automatic pinging service constantly.
39.    Automatic content generator.
40.    Invisible text as black hat SEO.
41.    Keyword stuffing
42.    Using cloaking method to increase online presence.
43.    Automatic Traffic generator.
44.    Pages blended and completely over fortified by rich keywords.
45.    Paid Backlinks.
46.    Not checking if Backlinks have a no-follow attribute.
47.    Obtaining Backlinks from impertinent websites.
48.    Getting Backlinks from pages that google can’t crawl.
49.    Good Backlinks but useless anchor texts.
50.    Copying other websites content on your own.
51.    Spamming comments.
52.    Comment exchange party.
53.    Using free hosting services.
54.    Using free and uncommon domains (.tk).
55.    Same title and description over and over.
56.    Anchor texts which are disrespectful.

Email Marketing:

57.    Sending to many promotional emails.
58.    Spamming readers email accounts.
59.    Placing sign up form below the eyes contact.
60.    Not using any pop-up form for email collection. 
61.    Only returning any value to your readers.
62.    The Email subject line is dreary.
63.    Email Emphases on the Product, Not the Client.
64.    Large chunks of texts without H1-H2 tags.

Social media:

65.    Not paying enough attention to social media promotion.
66.    Posting inconsistently.
67.    Not scheduling your social media entries.
68.    Changing the profile and cover picture too often.
69.    Using only 1 or 2 social medias platforms to promote your content.
70.    Bloggers outreach is a dumb thing
71.    Not reaching to the influencers
72.    Not interacting with your fans on social media.
73.    Not paying attention to promoting old articles.


74.    Not being enough creative in this field of Compitition
75.    Not building relationship with other fellow bloggers
76.    You have ego problems.
77.    Not responding to blog comments.
78.    Not asking for comments & shares since it looks cheap. (No it's not).
79.    Not answering emails.

Money making:

80.    You think too much about money rather than growing your blog.
81.    You plugged in too many ads in your blog to earn fast and make it clumsier.
82.    Blogging is not your passion, you just started blogging to earn.
83.    Clicking your own ads.
84.    Ad clicks exchange service.
85.    Always gets Jealous on others earnings.


86.    Choosing a Weak niche that’s hardly anyone searches for. 
87.    Never write for the search engine, write for readers.
88.    It’s not about you, it’s always about them.
89.    Don’t only write, solve problems of readers.
90.    Clutching everything without sticking to one. 
91.    Not understanding your audience’s mind.
92.    Choosing a valueless niche in this market.
93.    Posting very inconsistently.
94.    Forcing on mass production leaving quantity behind.
95.    It’s all about you not about them.
96.    Not giving enough time on guest posting
97.    Posting below standard articles as a guest post
98.    Not paying attention to the Best time chart.
99.    Not Sharing Promptly after posting.
100.  Not using proper hashtags.
101.  Using Long Permalinks.
102.  You do all of the above mistakes & you think you can still sneak out. 

I hope you enjoyed the list, please Share & Comment and also let me know if I missed anything.

Thank You & HAPPY BLOGGING!!!!


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