Hello, Everyone!!

Though I am not someone you might want to read about, while there are thousands of other interesting things popping around. Yet, I will host myself through some words. Don't worry you won't be bored.

I am  Priyam Baksi, a daydreamer from Kolkata, the city of joy. I like Graphics design, paintings, Playing PC games and of course blogging.  I am from a family where education is stand first and everything else like fun, games, enjoyment is stands additional. Even though I didn't get the entire chance to enjoy my life, as I craved, but arriving in the world of blogging change time life, it's become my enjoyment and passion and the friend of 24x7.

“What the hell are you doing, opening the buddy computer whole day” – Parents daily dialogue,

In 2015 when I am searching the web, at the evening, suddenly I discovered an article about the fascinating world of blogging. And that article is a turning point for me, I not only got to know about blogging, I also become affectionate about it.  And from that day my 90% of my internet history is linked about blogging. Please don't ask about the left 10%.

After one year I launched this blog, Solid2simple, it's my new blog, please connect with me, and help me by righting my mistakes.

Contact Me, I will be more than happy to reply your every queries.

Love you all!!!!!


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